What is a Hitbox Controller?

Are you ready for the newest controller on the market and dominate your opponents in fighting games?

If you’re a gamer like me who enjoys fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter, you now know how important of a role your controller plays in how fluent you are with winning matches. Regular gaming controllers are often restrictive and uncomfortable for fighting games because of all the buttons and mechanisms that need to be engaged before you win a game.

You can look at racing games as an example: while you can play a racing game with a standard controller, you won’t get the full racing experience. That’s why many people use racing set-ups that include a set and a real steering wheel when they’re serious about playing racing games.

Fighting games are very similar; without the right controller, you can’t compete at a professional level with these games. To take your fighting capabilities to the next level, you should consider using a hitbox controller.

What is so special about a hitbox controller?

A Hitbox controller is essentially a gaming keyboard that makes it easy for you to hit all of those critical moves and combos with ease. Hitboxes only come with buttons, not a joystick, allowing you to focus on what’s most important when gaming. Hitbox have sets of buttons on both the left and right side of the box.

The buttons on the left-hand side of the box control movements while the buttons on the right-hand side control fighting moves. The button located in the center of both these sets is what controls particular actions like jumping. When using a Hitbox, you must use two fingers to perform moves, similar to how you would play a fighting game on a PC set-up.

Here are some of the primary benefits of using a Hitbox:

  • Speed & Accuracy
  • Ease of Use
  • Enhanced Precision
  • Comfortable While Playing For Long Periods
  • Easier Execution Of Complicated Moves

What is a hitbox controller

Hitboxes typically cost about $200 and come manufactured with premium quality Sanwa components that give it a heavy-duty feel. Gamers who currently use a keyboard to play fighting games may want to consider switching to a Hitbox.

This will be a natural transition as they have similar set-ups to keyboards, allowing you to optimize your style of play without much of a learning curve. The casual gamer does not require a hitbox unless you’re serious about practicing and perfecting your future use technique.

All of the benefits we mentioned above only come from using a hitbox controller. If you were to use a joystick, you wouldn’t compete with someone using a hitbox. These are all some considerations you need to be aware of before making the switch.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a hitbox controller over an arcade stick

For fighting game enthusiasts, the two most popular game controller options are arcade sticks and hitboxes. As we’ve gone over all the details of Hitboxes earlier, you may be wondering exactly what an arcade stick is. Well, an arcade stick is built similar to a hitbox; however, it has a joystick.

The joystick on Hitboxes replaces the center button on Hitboxes, which controls unique movements like jumping. Instead of using the left-hand side buttons to move, you use the joystick to move, and the buttons on the left-hand side control particular movements.

Advantages of a hitbox controller

Arcade sticks provide slower input, which can cause you to lose matches. Hitboxes are more efficient, accurate, and stable even than the best arcade sticks, so they are the more popular option with pro gamers. Hitboxes also give you the ability to put them into ‘true neutral’ mode, making complicated performing inputs much easier.

Due to Hitboxes’ set-up, they require much less wrist movement than arcade sticks, making them more comfortable using extended periods of play. The only real disadvantage of using a Hitbox is that there is a steep learning curve when transitioning from using a keyboard to play.

The Controversy Surrounding Hitbox Controllers

Hitbox controllers are quite controversial whether you believe it or not. There are many reasons for this; one of the primary reasons is that of cheating the system. Hitboxes make it easy for you to program the entire combo moves into one button, giving you a seamless way to engage with your opponents at any time.

This reason alone has led to some pro gaming tournaments, like EVO Championship Series, altogether banning the use of hitboxes for contenders. Another reason for the vast controversy around hitboxes is that they are by nature better than joysticks and other controller types.

If you were to fight someone in a gaming tournament using the same character and game settings on a similar skill, but the only difference is one of you used a hitbox, and the other used a joystick, the person using the hitbox would likely win the battle. This is because hitboxes have faster input rates than joysticks, allowing your character to move much quicker than your opponents.

Suppose you’re thinking about using a hitbox for gaming tournament purposes. In that case, you may want to check and see if they are banned by the particular tournament you’re going to participate in before doing so.

Hitbox buttons are highly sensitive, so when you engage them, they provide a consistent level of responsiveness that will train you to optimize your fighting style.

Should you get a Hitbox?

Now it’s finally time to answer the question we’ve all been waiting for, “Should you get one?” The answer to this question can go in many different directions; for those people who are used to gaming on keyboards when playing fighting games on PC, a Hitbox will enable you to streamline your gameplay.

If you’re someone who plays fighting games for long periods and your hands get tired quickly, the set-up of a Hitbox will enable you to extend your playing hours without putting your comfort at risk. Hitboxes are also great if you want to program combo moves to a particular button, so you don’t have to use multiple fingers to achieve your desired input.

All in all, you should get a Hitbox if you’re looking to improve your fighting style because they’re well worth it!