Mixbox – The Alternative Stickless Controller

If youre coming from a fighting game like Tekken or Street Fighter, you might have heard of different style controllers besides the usual console pad. An example to other controllers is an arcade stick or the most recent type a hitbox. But what is a mixbox? Lets jump into their background:

Mixbox:The original mixbox controller was created by mixboxarcade to be an alternative to the hitbox. It was mostly designed to please the people who played fighting games on their keyboards, since it comes with the usual WASD layout.

What is a mixbox controller?

If you ever seen a hitbox, you will get the general idea of it, but for those who havent, it looks like a stickless arcade stick and has a keyboard layout resembling the WASD buttons you have on your keyboard.

Because of this, PC players will feel familiar with it, since they already have used a keyboard and will have the easiest learning curve when they start playing! The mixbox weighs 5.5lbs or 2.5kg, which is important to note, because sturdiness is an important factor when reviewing fight sticks.

Mixbox controller

Mixbox Review

If you compare the mixbox to any other type of controllers, you will think its really good right? Well you should consider some cons of the product:


  • Build quality. The build quality of the MixBox is top notch. It has a rugged all-metal case that has a nice heft to it.
  • Cherry-MX Red switches which are mounted on a thick metal plate which adds to the controller’s sturdiness.
  • The MixBox is one of the more comfortable ‘fight sticks’ for a lot of people. It works great on your lap and the slanted metal wrist rest is a godsend.


  • People claim the buttons they use on the mixbox are not SANWA and not feel good, which puts a question on the price tag.
  • Rotating the arrow cluster about 15 and moving it to the back of the stick by about 5cm (away from you, so it’s more in line with your natural posture) would have made it a lot more comfortable. It’s still playable, but your left arm is a lot closer to your body than your right, leading to discomfort when playing long sessions.
  • The MixBox uses a Brook PS3/PS4 FIGHTING BOARD PCB with a breakout PCB attached to it. Unfortunately, there is something in this PCB setup that is causing major issues with the MixBox.
  • Out of the box, the mixbox doesnt work with the PS4. It will kind of work when you plug it into the back USB port, but it will only start functioning in about 5 to 10 minutes after you have plugged it in. When it works, It only registers face buttons.
  • The triggers, bumpers, and the menu buttons like ‘start’ and ‘home’ don’t always work. However its a lot better on the PC.

Mixbox Alternatives

So are there any alternatives to the mixbox? A lot of people have issues with the price tag and or cons of the product, so of course people find solutions to their problems.
You can always make your own mixbox using parts from various sites including the box, buttons and PCB. If this idea looks still doesnt look attractive enough to you, the best part about it is that you can customize it as much as you want!

custom mixbox

Another option to consider is buying an alternative from other online stores like Amazon! However its somewhat hard to find a mixbox online, so heres a link to one!