Qanba Obsidian – Review

Find out whether the Qanba Obsidian will be the right arcade stick for you!

Qanba Obsidian is a modern gaming arcade stick manufactured by Qanba, which is the leading manufacturer of premium gaming peripherals in the United States. Qanba produces a lot of gaming peripherals designed to elevate the play experience that gamers have.

Their latest and most innovative professional fight stick is the Qanba Obsidian. The Qanba Obsidian is designed for the PS and PC. Gamers out there who want to take their skills to the next level will appreciate all of the features it comes packed with.

Qanba Obsidian is also backwards compatible with the PS3, as it’s an officially licensed product by Sony. This means it is compatible with PS5 and older PS consoles. Whether you’re a professional gamer or an extreme hobbyist looking to transform the way you game, the Qanba Obsidian provides the perfect platform to do so.

Continue reading to find out more about the Qanba Obsidian and why you should be using one.

Qanba Obsidian: Pros & Cons

All of the pros and cons above provide specific real-world benefits based on your experience level and gaming style.


  • Long-lasting build quality
  • Sanwa branded lever and buttons
  • Responsive buttons
  • Comfortable to use


  • Artwork very difficult to customize
  • Wired connection instead of wireless
  • Bulky design makes it hard to carry around
  • USB storage compartment hard to open

How Does It Feel? Playing With The Qanba Obsidian

The Qanba Obsidian features a Viewlix layout which is industry-standard for most fight sticks. The Obsidian also has Sanwa Denshi buttons that are very responsive and comfortable to use for prolonged periods. The joystick is also very adaptive and responds quickly to even the slightest user input.

While the buttons are close together when you look at them, during gameplay they feel very comfortable. One of the only downsides to the Qanba Obsidian is it’s sheer size, with how large the fightstick is, it can become very tiring to carry around regularly.

If you’re looking for an arcade stick to carry around in a regular backpack, this may not be the best option.

Setting Up The Qanba Obsidian

When you receive the Qanba Obsidian and open the box, you’ll find a user manual and the Qanba Obsidian arcade fight stick itself. All of the contents inside the box are neatly packaged. The Qanba Obsidian is quite a large arcade stick, making it both intuitive and easy to use for those with hands of any size.

To connect the Qanba Obsidian to your gaming device, all you have to do is assign the top switch to the particular platform you’re going to use. Once you select the right platform, all you have to do is plug the fight stick in to begin playing.

For PC users, you’ll need to download Qanba Obsidians drivers before the arcade stick begins working. On most PCs, the required drivers will be downloaded automatically.

Design Aspects of The Qanba Obsidian

The actual dimensions of the Qanba Obsidian are 18x10x5 inches (46 x 26 x 12cm) which is more significant than many of the alternative arcade sticks options out there. The Obsidian also has a nice weight to it coming in at around 7lbs or 3kg.

Qanba Obsidian Review

Overall, the presentation and design of the Qanba Obsidian are very polished and sleek. The primary body uses a black gloss finish that has silver metal siding that adds a nice finishing touch to the device all around.

One negative aspect of the glossy black finish found on the Qanba Obsidian is that it attracts fingerprints very easily. On the bottom of the arcade stick are two anti-slip pads which ensure that the Obsidian stays in place while gaming.

On the sides of the Qanba Obsidian where the metal trim is, are two indents which act as handles. This makes it easy to pick the device up and move it around without worrying it falling. The metal trim even has integrated LED lights that can be set as active all the time or only when you engage a button.

As far as buttons go, the Qanba Obsidian has no shortage of them. Take a look below to see the primary button layout of the Obsidian.

Qanba Obsidian Button Layout

  • PS Button
  • Share Button
  • Turbo Button
  • Mode Button
  • L3/R3 Buttons
  • LED Button
  • Options Button

The mode button allows you to control whether your joystick is used as a D-Pad, right analog stick, or left analog stick. Alongside the main control buttons, you’ll find two switches that control the console in use by the fightstick in addition to allowing you to disable the Options and Share buttons.

There’s also a PS4 touchpad directly above the function buttons, for easy control. The integrated USB cable that facilitates connection to your gaming system of choice is only about 3 meters long. You’ll also find a storage box for the USB cable located at the top of the fightstick.

A unique feature of the Qanba Obsidian is that it comes with a 3.5mm headphones jack on the bottom of the device. Making it easy to plug in your favourite headset for use with the arcade stick.

Modification Options of The Qanba Obsidian

For those gaming enthusiasts who love modding their fightsticks, you’ll be disappointed to find out the Obsidian has no quick access feature to open the device. To make any modifications to the Qanba Obsidian, you must unscrew the base to access the internal components of the arcade stick.

Once you get inside the device, making modifications is pretty straightforward. You can easily change the joystick and buttons to meet your exact design preferences. You should use pliers to remove the button connectors as doing so by hand may prove challenging.

Qanba Obsidian

Final Verdict of The Qanba Obsidian

After performing an in-depth Qanba Obsidian review, it’s time to give you our final thoughts. Overall, the Qanba Obsidian is a very robust and powerful fightstick that packs immense versatility and options related to gameplay precision, accuracy, and response.

If you’ve been looking for an officially licensed arcade stick for your PS3, PS4, PS5 or PC, Qanba Obsidian is a great choice!