Razer Atrox – Review


In the last few years, Razer has been a trustworthy brand of arcade sticks. Especially the launch of the cult Razer Atrox promoted it to a whole new level. With Xbox releasing several action games, its usefulness has been more appreciated.

Razer Atrox Review

I must say, in the beginning, it seemed a little risky to manufacture such an arcade stick, because, let’s face the truth, Xbox had barely one action game. Things have obviously changed now, and I’m sure owning a Razer Atrox is like having a lucky charm today.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details of this arcade stick. What is it? Is it enough for you to show off your skills in tournaments?

Compatibility: Is the Razer Atrox for You?

Whether you own a Xbox 360, Xbox 1, or the latest Xbox series X, this Razer Atrox arcade stick is smoothly compatible with each one of them. While you can play games like Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7, Dragon Ball Fighter Z in a Xbox, plugging it into a PC gives you access to a broader window.

If you have Ultra Street Fighter IV, Skullgirls, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, and such other PC games, I’m telling you this Razer Atrox arcade stick is a perfect choice.

Buyers caution: This arcade stick is made specifically for the Xbox One/360 and will not work on anything else besides PC!

Razer Atrox has Quality

After countless hours of gaming, I seem to have developed a good grasp over the stick’s hardware and efficiency.

To start with, it comes in a medium-sized box, which is moderately heavy and has a rubber pad underneath to reduce the tendencies of slipping or skidding. This problem might be less-discussed, but speaking from experience, it’s annoying when your arcade stick drives away from you.

As always, the eight Sanwa buttons are real game-changers. Responsive as it gets, each click passes a current of satisfaction through your gaming mind. No matter how rough a gamer you’re, the buttons are always under your command. It also has a guide button, a sliding lock, and two views and menu buttons on the side.

Razer Atrox xbox one

Other than the buttons, the joystick is equally extraordinary. Perfectly built for tensed situations, the motion range is pretty wide and slick. It comes with a ball top, but it has a spare bat top inside the box if you don’t like them.

Speaking about the box, you can actually open the lid of this arcade stick. Press the button at the bottom, and it opens the hollow. Things like a bat-top joystick, a screwdriver to replace the switches and wires, and a cable to connect your Xbox or PC are all inside.

This hollow has slightly more space than you need. So if you’re running short of rooms, keeping your snacks and car keys inside the box is always an option.

Razer Atrox is Easy to Customize

Whether I’m playing in a simple gaming mouse or joystick or an arcade stick, customizing it as per my liking gives me the most satisfaction.

The Razer Atrox arcade stick is thoroughly customizable. You can open the lid, remove each wire, and replace those as you wish.

If you are the type of person who wants to try and enjoy modding, Razer Atrox will be your choice, since you will not be punished by losing you warranty!

Razer Atrox xbox

Also, as I mentioned earlier, you can change the ball-top with a bat-top. Besides that, the artwork on the surface is also customizable. The company lets you select the theme for that; what more can you expect!

Pros and Cons

But you know even the finest creation comes with some flaws, so does this arcade stick. In my time with this adorable piece of machinery, I have found some pros and cons.


  • – Smooth gaming experience with precise control
  • – Highly Customizable
  • – Durable Hardware
  • – The Cable is long enough to play from a healthy distance


  • – You can’t buy the Cable individually, and it can be tough to get another after the warranty period is over.
  • – Razer doesn’t provide service once the warranty expires, so fixing any fault means trouble.
  • – The backlit logo can be annoying in the dark.

Final Verdict

The Razer Atrox Arcade Stick is a professional gaming kit, and any serious gamer should own one such fine piece. Given its price range, I wouldn’t encourage newbies to go after it, but there’s no harm if you can afford one. Besides these, Razer’s masterpiece arcade stick is much more exciting to play in the Xbox One, or even better if you have the Xbox series X.

Every gamer craves an arcade stick like this, and once you get your hands into it, it’s hard to get off. It’s popularity in gamers, and the features Razer Atrox come with, are sufficient and speak for itself. So yeah, I sure as hell recommend it.